Chapter 24

[ 24 ]

       When these matters had been duly set right, likewise when the king and William (note 1) had kissed and embraced each other with very great rejoicing, William began to travel swiftly to the region of his own authority, while the king made for Laon.

O Rouen, behold! your worshipful duke comes to you
And, having guided the realms of the Gauls with just reins,
He will scatter seeds of justice in great profusion among the Normans
And will, with lively merits, advance along the path of judgment
Until, given over to the burden of worthy martyrdom,
He will ascend, crowned with a garland, to the Elysian field,
And he will deserve to profit from the Deity in the highest good.
Now he guards you, on every side, by his prowess in arms.
Then he will guard you by his worthy prayers and bountiful merits.


1. Preferring the "et Willelmo" of CC 276.

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