Chapter 53

[ 53 ]

       Meanwhile, as the goodness of so great a duke and so great a patron was being profusely published far and wide throughout all Europe, Tetbold, corrupted by the poisonous malice of treachery, again sought out king Lothar and said to him with a deceitful heart: "Will you, agreeing with the contention of the insolent Richard, suffer his harmful presumption to persist in your realm? And will he continue to hold the Norman realm without your voluntary bounty? How are you with justice to be called king, if you are not able to rule the realm of the Franks? Besides, he may possibly decide, in his bragging haughtiness, to attack, with gathered Dacian heathen, the realm under your authority, just as his grandfather Rollo once did to your grandfather Charles. I will give you some propitious and advantageous measures to assist you against any attempts on the part of his audacious cunning. You attack and besiege and capture for me the city of Evreux, I will claim the whole Norman region for you."
       Truly the king, delighted and merry about this offer, sent for all his fideles to come to him as an armed assembly. Thus, once the leaders of all Francia and Burgundy had been hastily massed, he rushed upon and beseiged and captured Evreux in an unexpected contest and gave it, of his own accord, to Tetbold, in accordance with their covenant.


Highest marquis and reverend duke,
Celebrated, worthy and noble,
Defender of the clergy and champion of the populace,
Equitable and bountiful ruler of the people,
Irrevocable and kind supporter
Of the orphan, the exile and the widow,
Your moderate desire will not now be diminished
By these accidental misfortunes,
Nor will you be harrassed by doubt
While your (note 1) misfortunes increase.
At once does the eternal ruler violently mangle this man,
Refreshing instead the one whom he cherishes,
As does a father sweetly reviving his offspring.
What you are accomplishing now, accomplish always,
What you are doing now, do these things always.
The town, carried off from you by stealth,
Will also be returned to you by the highest judge.


1. Preferring the "tibimet" of Rouen 1173.

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